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CAD Services Direct Limited is UK-based and globally recognised for providing both a unique range of precision machinery to the sheet media sector and for Design Engineering and Project Management Services.

Being engineers, our aim is always to improve and refine, using the latest technology.

Because we’ve seen how our solutions can turn an organisation with a challenge into an industry-leader, we are also passionate about making superior design engineering accessible to organisations of all sizes.

We have many years’ experience and clients often come to us because our products or services have been recommended.

Our clients come from almost every continent so it’s safe to say our reputation has travelled.

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We are always happy to advise, so if you want further information either on our Quick Check or Quick Place range, or on our Design Engineering and Project Management services call us on +44 (0)1462 627 626, email us at info@cadservicesdirect.co.uk or send us an enquiry here.

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