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Knife positioners

Our Quick Place Measurement Positioning System allows rapid and accurate placement of lower slitting anvils. The colour coded datum system provides an intuitive user interface for increased precision and reduced set-up times.

Using a manual measure will always leave room for human error during the set-up process and the associated costs that come from subsequent wasted materials can rapidly add up.

Used around the world

The Quick Place Positioning system is used by leading sheet media organisations around the world to provide an enhanced knife setup on their machines.

The Quick Place Positioning system can be tailored to a wide variety of alternative applications on a machine and is easy to install and use. All systems are supplied with fitting instructions and we are always happy to offer ongoing support.

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Features include:

Easy two button operation
Battery operated, no need for cabling
Minimum six year battery life
Easy Installation
Durable Construction
Machine widths from 500 – 2500 mm



  • Easy operation

    Easy two button operation.


    Battery operated, no need for cabling.

    Long battery

    Minimum six year battery life.

    Easy Installation

    Easy Installation.

  • Durable construction

    Metric Sheets – 350 – 1250mm. Imperial Sheets – 14 – 50”.


    Machine widths from 500 – 2500 mm.

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